Forward Fold From A Chair

Doing a forward fold can be done at any time from the ease of your chair while watching the TV or working at your desk. It is safe and accessible, particularly if there are mobility issues.

Sit up tall in a chair, keeping the back straight and pressing the feet firmly into the ground for stability and balance.

Relax the shoulders, rolling them down the spine to open the chest.

Take your legs wide apart.

Take an inhalation and as you exhale fold gently forward from your waist, bringing your torso between your legs. You can rest your hands on your thighs for support and balance. Release any tension in the shoulders and allow your neck and head to gently relax down.

If you feel comfortable going deeper into the pose, you can move your hands to your knees, down onto your shins, or down to your ankles. Do not force the pose and only go as far as you feel stable and safe. You may feel a stretch in your waist, back, and neck.

Hold for between 5 to 10 breaths. When you are ready, push gently with your hands to lift your torso, and return to sitting.

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