Breathing Exercises – For Beginners

An integral part of any yoga practice is breathing; you may think it’s an integral part of everything we do, but that’s often the problem because we do it without thinking and we don’t always do it ‘properly’.

Taking the time to think about how we breath and where the breath goes to in our body is something I include in every Kamakosha yoga lesson because, when we breathe fully, deeply and rhythmically, it helps us to relax, focus and move more easily into each of the poses (or asanas as they’re often called) without putting undue strain on our muscles.

There are many different breathing techniques in yoga, often referred to as Pranayama (derived from the Sanskrit word ‘prana’ meaning life) and as your yoga practice develops so will your breathing techniques but for beginners the easiest way to start is with a simple count of 4.

Sit up straight, close your eyes and breath in through your nostrils for a count of 4, hold the breath for a count of 4 and then exhale fully through your mouth to a count of 4. As you inhale try to send the breath to any part of your body that feels sore or tight.

Try to relax your mind and focus on your breath until it becomes rhythmic. You’ll be surprised at how energised your body will feel and once you’ve mastered the basics you can always increase the count, enabling you to breathe even deeper, expanding your lungs so you use their full capacity, something we don’t always do in the rush of modern life.

Taking even five minutes a day to practice this simple exercise can make a big difference to your mind and body. Give it a try!

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