Breath Awareness

Breath awareness, or conscious breathing, simply means to focus on the natural breath, observing the natural inhalations and exhalations, allowing the breath to flow easily through the body. But breathing is natural, right? So, what’s so special about this exercise?

Well, breathing awareness helps to calm the mind and body, something we can all do with in these busy times.

Take five minutes each day to breath slowly and deeply. Inhale, sending the breath towards the abdomen and exhale fully. There’s no need to force the breath, just be an observer of the natural ebb and flow as it comes and goes of its own accord. Slowly, you’ll feel any tensions, or anxieties, gradually drifting away and, if the mind starts to wander, as invariably it will, just acknowledge any thoughts and return to the breath.

We always end each Kamakosha yoga session with a relaxation practice called Savasana which incorporates this conscious breathing. Lying on the floor with the body in a straight line with eyes closed, feeling the sensation of the body being completely supported by the earth, just observing the natural flow of the inbreath and outbreath, allowing the body and the mind to become completely relaxed and at ease.

To find out more about breathing exercises in yoga, contact me on 07947 653380 or email to

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